Are you planning to open a wellness center, are you owner for a modern hotel, a tourist village or a cozy  B&B, and are you thinking about a SPA in order to expand and enhance your services ?

Esagono will help you to realize your target with an exclusive and convenient formula.

We know that the times, from the confirmation of the project, are very long, and to see your center realized it could spend to 1 year and more.

Esagono meets you with the

If you will confirm the project 1 year in advance from the start of the work you will have an exclusive discount.

For example if you are a successful entrepreneur and owner of a hotel by the sea and you want to build a small SPA in your hotel, in order to give to your customers an additional service even in winter when the sea is inaccessible.

The process will be very simple:


You will contact us and then we will invite you to visit our company and show you our showroom, a working SPA 100% MADE BY ESAGONO.

During this visit, you will explain us your needs and together will evaluate the layout of the available space and we will assume a budget for the realization.

The Esagono’s Technical Office will draw up a preliminary project, following your requests, keeping in mind the structural constraints and exploing the available space, creating a welcoming but functional area at the same time.

We will present our project and together we will define delivery times and economic investment.


When the project will be approved, a definitive contract will be drawn up and it will include our wellness concepts and our assistance and which, through the ADVANCE SPA, will be particularly advantageous: confirming the supply at least 1 year in advance, you will benefit of an unrepeatable discounts, not applicable in other situations.

After the payment of an account based on the amount of the signed contract, the Technical Office, after having received the correct measures of the commercial local, could set the indicative drawings for the realization of the various internal works, from the electric system to water system, up to any masonry work where necessary.

From that moment, you will have 1 year to calmly adjust your local, preparing the electrical and water requirements necessary for the installation of our equipment. After this time, necessary both for the adaptation works and for the request of eventual permits for the realization, we will agree together the delivery date of the whole supply.

On that day our Staff, with their own trucks, will arrive at the construction site and in a short time will transform your hotel into a hotel with a splendid SPA that works every day of the year.

Example Project

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