Hydrofuro Hydro-massage

All benefits of the thalassotherapy in a cradle of SPA wellness.

The tradition and culture of ancient purifying baths from the Orient meet modern thalassotherapy performed with pink Himalayan salt.


Hydrofuro® is a hot water mini-pool system fully made of massive Okumè wood with temperature that could reach 42° C.
According to the ancient Japanese bath ritual (ofurò), at this temperature it is possible to perform a full body and mind purification. In ancient times, Japanese women used to have their guests washed in the ofurò and then bathe in the wooden tub to “absorb” their toxins and negative energies. With its unique features, Hydrofuro® is the perfect modern attraction for all businesses, from modern SPAs to traditional Wellness and Beauty Centres.

Underwater chromotherapy, ozone-therapy and full customizable protocols are just few of the features that can be accessed through the easy-to-use control panel of Hydrofuro®, a device that will leave you amazed with its peculiar elegance, versatility and compactness. Its dimensions are very contained (6,7 / 7,6 sq. mt. including technical room), making it as simple as a Jacuzzi but with all the benefits of a technological pool. Water recycling is granted by a powerful system easily controlled from the technical room. It can host from 2 (laid down) to 4 people (seated), making it the perfect tool for couple rituals.

Hydrofuro® is the ideal choice for those who want to offer their customers something innovative and professional with a strong link to ancient traditions and ritual, with the typical style and class of all Esagono’s products. Hydrofuro® doesn’t require building works or refurbishment, because it comes from the idea of a “plug and play” system. It simply requires electrical and water supply, thanks to Esagono’s patented modular approach. It can be easily moved to another location, keeping your investment valuable.

How it works

With an easy-to-use touch panel, all treatments and functions of Hydrofuro are just a couple of touches away from starting. With Hydrofuro, all parameters can be customised, from water temperature to chromotherapy and several other features. In addition, the customisable concentration of  fresh oxygen grants a more severe contribution to blood circulation and a natural pH regulation.

Rituals and Treatments


regulation of metabolism and biorhythm

Complete detoxification

epidermal stimulation

Deep relaxation

Muscle relaxation

Tissue oxygenation

pH balancing and skin restoration

Additional information

DIMENSIONS*cm 193Px189Lx110H (L 255CM with staircase – H 210 cm  with skyline) – 600 kg/mq
ELECTRICAL SUPPLY400V triphase + N + T

Hot/cold water from main supply (wall h.30 cm)

WATER DRAINAGEFloor drainage with connected inspection pit


Panel touch with manual program

Emergency STOP button with led and alarm


Underwater chromotherapy, ozonetherapy, hydro-massage, cold/hot water mixer


Hot minipool, perimetral leds (blue), skyline lights, sand filtration, bromine manual sanification, cold/hot water mixer with shower hose (7,5 mt. Extendable)


Saline water system, side hand-rail

HydroFuro in Action

Multi-sensorial balneotherapy