Ofuro Tinozza hydro-massage tub

The simple, effective thousand-year-old culture of SPA and wellness rituals

With its unique bucket-shaped silhouette – that evokes the original Japanese ofurò – Ofuro Tinozza® is not only a tub, but a real design complement that decorates each SPA with its astonishing style and functions, capable of recreating ancient rituals.

Ofuro Tinozza® comes from Esagono’s idea of a simple but effective piece of equipment and design meant not only for the SPA and Wellness Centre professionals, but also for the end users that want something unique, stylish, but also functional and versatile at the same time. Its compact size (3,2 sq. Mt) makes Ofuro Tinozza® ideal for all sorts of context, without losing its appeal and design.

Made of massive okoume wood, Ofuro Tinozza® is conceived and designed for the Oriental bathing ritual of purification but it is excellent also for several other emotional rituals that can be performed on 1 or 2 people. The flexible shower hose lets the operators able to rinse the customers once they’re finished, removing all cosmetic or oil residuals, while the wooden staircase permits and easy and safe access to the “bucket”. Inside Ofuro Tinozza®, the body will be completely relaxed improving muscle stretching and nerve distension.

Ofuro Tinozza® doesn’t require building works or refurbishment, because it comes from the idea of a “plug and play” system. It simply requires electrical and water supply, thanks to Esagono’s patented modular approach. Thus it can be easily moved to another location, keeping your investment valuable.

How it works

Through a simple water mixer that works as a regular tub’s (with a practical switch between hose shower and tub), water temperature can be selected and then Ofuro Tinozza® gets filled at operator’s discretion. Once the ritual is finished, the “bucket” can be emptied and rinsed before another SPA treatment.

Rituals and Treatments

Japanese ancient bathing ritual

Algae baths

Milk baths

Wine baths

Pink Himalayan salt thalassotherapy

Flower and fruit baths

Full Zen relaxation

Therapeutical weed and hay baths

Balneotherapy and cryo-balneotherapy

Emotional baths (chocolate, honey, etc.)

Additional Information

DIMENSIONS*cm 140Px140Lx115H (L 225CM with staircase, H. 210cm with skyline) – 600 kg/mq

Hot/cold water from main supply (floor)

WATER DRAINAGEFloor drainage with connected inspection pit




Water mixer


Underwater chromotherapy, hydro-massage


Water mixer with extensible hose


Side hand-rail, ozonetherapy, skyline

Ofuro Tinozza in Action

Thousand-year-old wellness rituals