Natural Salt Cave

The natural salt cave according to Esagono’s wellness philosophy

Esagono’s Natural Salt Cave is the modern adaptation of the natural speleo-chamber in an elegant and emotional context.



Esagono’s Natural Salt Cave is the choice for all SPAs, Wellness Centres and Beauty Centres that want to make the difference with something unique and stylish without losing their appeal for modern technologies and treatments. Esagono’s classy Natural Salt Cave is the response to the modern beauty industry that is pushing towards a rediscovery of natural and ancestral treatments, but with Esagono’s unique style and charisma. Entirely made of natural Himalayan pink salt, Natural Salt Cave combines the benefits of the halo-treatments with a cosy and relaxing environment where you’ll be cuddled by music, colours and flavours.

Thanks to Esagono’s patented salt nebulizer Tepee84®, Natural Salt Cave can combine salt treatments with the benefits of the aroma-therapy.

How it works

With its easy to use control panel, Natural Salt Cave can be accessed in just few steps. The treatment will automatically stop once the salt nebulization with Crystal Halo Salina® is finished, mantaining the saline vapours inside the cave constant throughout the whole session. Lastly, the salt nebulizer Tepee84® provides a full ionization and oxygenation of the environment, making the cave even healtier.