Thermalie Thermal Bed

Steam baths and SPA rituals in a thermal massage bed with an accessible price.

Hydrotherapy treatments and rituals join the ancient culture of massage in this elegant, classy and ergonomic thermal bed.


Thanks to its simple design and refined details, Thermalie® can offer to beauty salons and SPAs a very practical and efficient thermal tool that can be used either as a heated massage bed or a thermal cocoon where various massage techniques can be performed while the customer is experiencing a gentle and pleasant steam bath (40-42° C).
Steam is not only useful for the hydropathic rituals – thanks to the blood circulation and heart rate improvement – but also helps the masseuse in applying oils, muds and cosmetics with a greater skin permeability and a more relaxed musculature.
Made of massive okoume wood, Thermalie® is the ideal tool for SPAs, Beauty Centres and Wellness Centres who want to perform steam baths and massages in the same place at the same time, with an accessible price but without losing the unique style of Esagono’s products.
Lastly, Thermalie® Deluxe Halo offers the chance to add to the above mentioned features to the benefits of the halotherapy thanks to Tepee84, Esagono’s patented salt nebulizer.

How it works

With its system of 3 removable wooden arches made of massive okoume wood, Thermalie® can turn into either a thermal bed or a massage bed.
If used as a thermal bed, the 3 arches transform Thermalie® into a steam cocoon with a delicate spread of steam all over your body. Esagono’s patented steam generator grants a full and equally spread steam supply, with a super comfortable approach and no side effects (reddening or skin burn). If used a massage bed, you’ll be ready in a snap once the 3 arches are removed and the waterproof-washable mattress is easily fixed to the wooden structure of the bed.
Thermalie® and Thermalie® Halo come with a chromotherapy system and an extensible shower hose to clean the bed in less than a minute.

Rituals and Treatments

Thanks to the combined action of steam and Esagono’s Crystal Cosmetics®, Thermalie® is the ideal equipment to treat:

Localised fat

Crystal Slim


Crystal Shape


Crystal Push

Skin Ageing

Crystal Halo

Additional information

DIMENSIONScm 215Lx75Px80H – 110Kg

YES, manual load


Hot/cold water from main supply (floor)

WATER DRAINAGEFloor drainage

Flexible shower hose


Water mixer, chromotherapy selector

WHAT’S INCLUDED (inside)Flexible shower hose, chromotherapy

Removable wooden arches, removable mattress


Tepee84® (salt nebulizer)

Thermalie in Action

Our ergonomic bed meant for your wellness and SPA rituals