Crystal Cosmetics®, science at the service of beauty


Crystal Cosmetics® are Esagono’s revolutionary range of cosmetics conceived and made by Esagono to integrate the benefits of steam against the most common modern blemishes.

When we decided to make a new range of cosmetics made by Esagono, we asked ourselves:

“Why should we create a brand new range of products when there are heaps of them on the market?”

From that simple question we started our research that – since 2007 – has broght us to a deep analysis of the most important cosmetic brands in the world, making comparisons with the high-end industries in Europe, USA and Japan. What we found out was as simple as illuminating.

There was not a single cosmetic brand specifically designed to be used in combination with steam, water and salt because of the average running temperatures. It is in fact very clear that active principles normally get denaturated (literally, they get broken) once they reach moderate temperatures (more or less 45 degrees Celsius). That is what made us think about a new generation of cosmetics: something that could be used without issues in warm and moisty environments such as SPAs and Beauty Centres.

Crystal Cosmetics® leave the SPA managers able to achieve their goal without concerning about running temperatures but only about results with in Esagono’s concepts: Thalaxoterm®, Thalatepee Suite® and Thermalie® but also in all other moisty and steamy environments.

So Customers will be able to relax and get massaged while having their cutaneous and sub-cutaneous blemishes cured. Crystal Cosmetics® is science working on beauty.

The winning formula

Although Crystal Cosmetics® are available for home use, but their main focus is on SPA professionals.

The combination between Esagono’s steam concepts such as Thalaxoterm®, Thalatepee Suite® and Thermalie® make Crystal Cosmetics® a versatile and unique product, due to its innovative and winning formula:

  • Thermo-resistant molecules meant for SPA applications (up to 60° C)
  • Modern active principles
  • Occlusive formula (application that avoids skin transpiration)
  • Highest concentration of active principles
  • Lowest concentration of preservatives
  • Perfume free for extra skin tolerability

Active Principles

The most important element for a cosmetic is its formula. The selection of its active principles deeply varies the efficacy and compliance of the cosmetic itself, the same thing that happens to a chef who chooses what ingredients he’s going to use for his recipes.

Esagono’s choice in designing the range of Crystal Cosmetics® was to:

  • Pick only super-selected, technologically advanced active principles with very strict criteria about innovation, tolerability and naturality.

  • keep the concentration of the active principles as high as possible (within compelling regulations’ tolerance) in order to grant the maximum effect and to reduce the needed quantity per application.

  • Strongly reduce the amount of emulsifiers and preservatives to have more stable formulation with less side effects on the skin.

Combined applications for complete wellness

The references of Crystal Cosmetics® – Professional can be successfully used in synergy with specific activating protocols thanks to their:

  • thermal resistance

  • epidermal blockage

This makes all products fully accessible in synergy with all Esagono’s concepts


  • grants a cosy and small environment in which steam is uniformly generated

  • maximises skin blockage

  • leaves customer’s head out of the shell to offer a room-temperature respiration

  • optimises protocol temperatures according to treated blemish (localised fat, cellulitis, etc.)

Thalatepee Suite

  • grants a full muscle-bone relaxation

  • can treat more people at the same time (up to 8 persons)

  • is very comfortable and cosy because of its emotional impact, leaving customers even more reaxed

  • combines music therapy and chromo-therapy with the efficacy of Crystal Cosmetics®


  • is easy to use

  • is a very relaxing environment because it reaches not very high temperatures  (up to 40° C)

  • leaves customer’s head out of the shell to offer a room-temperature respiration

  • thanks to its removable arches, it can be used as standard massage bed

Researches have shown an improvement of more than 30%* if steam applications are combined with Crystal Cosmetics®
(*) average expected value

Crystal Slim and Crystal Shape

Perfect allies against localised fat and cellulitis. The formula behind these two references is basically the same, but with different concentration of the active principles in order to work against these blemishes at their best.

Crystal Slim
Specific for the action against localised fat with a pleasant Indian Fig perfume (only for Home care) and a synergy of dedicated active principles such as Carnitine, Decapeptide-2, Glycolic Acid, Caffeine, Theophylline and Creatine.

Results (*)
After the first treatment: treated area will be softer and smoother.
After 4-6 treatments: localised fat will moderately decrease.
After 10-12 treatments: localised fa twill consistently decrease and blood circulation will result strongly improved.

Crystal Shape
Dedicated reference for the treatment of cellulitis with a fancy flavour of Papaya and Cupuacu (only for Home care) and a cocktail of active principles such as Carnitine, Decapeptide-2, Glycolic Acid, Caffeine, Theophylline and Creatine.

Results (*)
After the first treatment: treated area will be more elastic and tonic.
After 4-6 treatments: Fluid retention and cellulitis will moderately decrease.
After 10-12 treatments: Orange peel effect will be consistently improved and capillary microcirculation will be augmented.

Crystal Push

If you suffer from hypotonia (breast or buttock or thigh) this is definitely the product for you. The combination of Anemarrhena Asphodeloides and African Kigelia will best work against this condition. Home care references have a lovely perfume of Ginger and Lotus.

Results (*)
After the first treatment: treated area will be more elastic and tonic.
After 4-6 treatments: Skin volumisation and a natural lifting effect will be visible on treated area.
After 10-12 treatments: the lifting effect will be greater and the whole tissue will be tonic and elastic.

Crystal Halo

Marine Sea salt benefits against skin ageing.
High concentration of mineral and Plancton extract to slow down skin ageing.
The Marine Sea Salt is mineral rich. These genuine essential minerals enhance your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Retaining moisture in your skin will help keep lines and wrinkles from forming, making it smooth and healthy. Marine Sea Salt provides the highest mineral content possible. Minerals such as calcium chloride, magnesium, bromine, potassium, and many others are vital for your skin’s health and proper function. This composition improves cell metabolism and contributes to its restoration and regeneration. Crystal Halo can exfoliate your skin, clean your pores, and help rid your skin of toxins. Crystal Halo will nourish, cleanse, and refresh your skin. Its active principles provide a medium for skin’s deep relaxation, as well as a cocktail of minerals for the dermal layers. Another benefit Halo offers is its effective relief from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and reddening in general.

Plankton Extract is an extract of marine biomass which includes several organisms.
These powerful ingredients can easily restore the natural skin pH and increase the oxygen exchange between cells, giving an extra-strong anti-ageing effect.

Results (*)
After the first treatment: noticeable improvement of skin brightness.
After 4-6 treatments: dermal improvement and more skin elasticity.

After 8-10 treatments: strong and visible lifting effect on extracellular matrix with improved skin texture.