Oriental Dream

Morjana will take you to a journey across the Orient and its mysteries, warden of beauty secrets passed down through generations.

It will unravel a magical world full of colours, scents and lights, where a sensual and appealing  beauty is an art to be lived. Morjana will be a cosmetic bridge between two worlds, relax and escape.


Morjana is also a Ritual Beauty Line, with a spirit loyal to Oriental traditions. In each ritual it releases emotions full of new sensation that will take you dance in the most luxurious Oriental palaces.

Your skin will be as smooth as silk and yout spirit will abandon in voluptuous dreams. Enjoy the most sensual experience with Morjana!


  • Thousand and one Nights Ritual

  • Hammam Ritual

  • Scented Savonnage Ritual

  • Oriental Delice Ritual

  • Sahara Silk Ritual

  • Precious Amber Ritual

  • Spicy Cinnamon and Orange Ritual

  • Sweet Almond and Honey Ritual

  • Delice Ritual

  • Delicious Ritual

  • Imperial Ritual


  • Somptuous Amber Ritual

  • Splendor Ritual

  • Honey Delicate Ritual


Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree. In Morroco, this precious oil is now included in UNESCO’s Human Heritage.
The manufacturing process of the argan oil is very interesting. The very hard kernels are crushed by hand by women from different co-operatives, in respect of the traditional method. The released seeds are then sent to Agadir where they are pressed to make the oil.
Argan oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin conditions, including acne and eczema. It contains high levels of fatty acids including linoleic acid which is anti-inflammatory and therefore will soothe the skin, and oleic acid which will protect and condition skin, scalp, and hair as well as restoring hydration.
There’s also a lot of vitamins in this oil which are said to be antioxidant like the well-known vitamin E. Antioxidants are compounds that are thought to counteract the oxidation of the skin cells, which means they’ll improve skin’s appearance and strength. Argan Oil is the basis of all Marrakech Dream products, except for Rose Pearls and Intense Purifying Mask.

It is also present as 100% pure in the Hammam ritual products. Morjana’s Argan oil is 100% organi and ECOCERT certified.


Oriental quintessence…
D’orientine plant-derived cosmetic active ingredient extracted from the date-palm kernel with clinically proven anti-wrinkle efficacy and free radical scavenging properties.  Its unique complex of natural phyto-hormone compounds work synergistically to delay the visible signs of aging.


Honey is a natural and potent antiseptic that has been used for centuries because of its antibiotic properties. In cosmetics, it is best used for its soothing, hydrating and repairing effects that help reducing inflammatory processes and irritations. It is also a very strong regenerative and toning product for the skin.


Argatensyl is a protein-rich compound obtained from the Argan seeds. Its composition makes it very useful in skin care protocols: once applied on the skin, it forms a specific reticulum that produces an immediate lifting effect and – in the long run – a biological anti-wrinkle activity.


Ghassoul is a  natural mineral clay mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is combined with water to make a mud that cleans the body and has been used for centuries to care for skin and hair. It is intended to soften the skin, reduce sebum secretion, regenerate the skin by removing dead cells and rebalance the skin by tightening the pores.


Henna is probably the most ancient cosmetic and has been used for centuries as a natural element to dye skin and hair; but it is also very useful for its soothing, antiseptic and regenerative properties. It is best used to strenghten hair, scalp and skin in general. As a paste, henna helps soothe burnt or cracked skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Rose is the queen of flowers, symbol of love and beauty. In Morocco, rose water is one of the most important symbols of hospitality and purification. It reinvigorates the skin while soothing and regenerating it. Its tightening properties gives to oily skins a matte yet bright effect.


Orange flower water is obtained from the distillation of bitter orange flowers. It has soothing and calming properties, with hydrating and refreshing effects and it is perfect for all kinds of skin. Orange essential oil is obtained from cold-squeezed orange peels and it is a natural antiseptic with extraordinary tonic properties.

Palm Tree

Palm trees have always been connected with exotic locations. Some of the trees in the Palm family are used for their oil (like the Elaeis Guineensis), others for their fruits (like the Phoenix dactylifera). Unrefined palm tree oil is betacarotene’s richest vegetal product and its fatty acids are extremely important as an energy source for our body.