The real Salus Per Aquam:
Kneipp baths, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy for SPA wellness.


From the ancient thalassotherapy to the original and complete vascular Kneipp baths, Esagono has created technologically advanced solutions that respect the tradition with its unique inimitable concepts, embellished by the use of wood as main constructing material.

Thanks to modern yet elegant equipment, Esagono offers simple and emotional concepts that are fully recognizable because of the Oriental taste and a super functional and consolidated approach.

Ancient rituals and modern technology melt together to give birth to new and revolutionary wellness pieces of equipment such as OfuroKneipp®, Hydrofuro® and Ofuro Tinozza®

Hydrotherapy not only is a moment of relax and beautyification, but it is also a practical tool that grants multiple positive effects on human body:

  • Full oxygenation

  • Deep cutaneous bio-stimulation

  • Passive aerobic exercise

  • Basal metabolism increase

  • Stimulation of anti-oxidant processes

  • Deep hydration

  • Re-activation of blood circulation

  • Physiological pH balance stimulation

  • Detox process

  • Anti-stress

To fully benefit from our mini-pool systems, you won’t require building works or refurbishment, because they come from the idea of a “plug and play” system. They simply require electrical and water supply, thanks to Esagono’s patented modular approach.

Thus they can be easily moved to another location, keeping your investment valuable.

Esagono’s Water concepts