From pink Himalayan salt to Esagono’s exclusive concepts.


Salt treatments have been known worldwide under the name of halo-therapy (literally from Greek Halo – Salt) since Ancient Romans. They were probably the very first people to master salt as a therapeutic element, using it in different applications and specific rituals.

Throughout centuries, most of those applications were dismissed, until late Nineteenth Century, when significant benefits were observed in subjects that used to spend a long time inside natural salt caves, especially in East Europe. That region is now considered the most important cradle for this therapy. The reasons why this culture has been forgotten or ignored in Italy for such a long time are mainly two: firstly, it was difficult to find natural environments with huge amount of million-year-old salt; secondly, ancient traditions of beauty and wellness in our Country were long to be eradicated. The need of a more accessible and comfortable environment where people could perform salt treatments without losing their benefits brought to a new era of halotherapy: the salt rooms, specific cabins made for these applications in a cosy environment with a reasonable duration (each treatment lasts 30-45 minutes).

Esagono has created a full range of salt cabins meant to be loyal to the tradition of this ancient therapy yet modern and unique, by using:

  • Massive handmade natural blocks of pink Himalayan salt without adding any preservatives or chemical substances.

  • Patented Tepee84® salt nebulizer for a massive effect on the body using the beneficial properties of 84 essential oils.

  • Certified micro-climate generated by dedicated aircon that will grant full oxygenation and ionization inside the cabin.

  • Absence of any electrical devices that could invalidate the benefits of the treatment (such as TVs, stereos, panel PCs etc.).

  • Total customisation of the salt cabins that could be easily set in place and then removed in case they need to be re-set in a different location.

Pink Himalayan salt is one of the most ancient and precious fossil salts in the world. It has always been used in the Far East because of its unique properties, because it is a super-pure, non refined 250 million-year-old mineral. It contains 84 essential olis; most of those oils are extremely important for our physiology and health. Everyone can benefit from this awesome mineral, mostly those who are particularly delicate, such as children and elderly people. But even most adults who suffer from alergies and asthma as well as heavy smokers can get huge improvements from this technique. Also, it is extremely useful for those who suffer from psoriasis, dermatitis and acnes.

Tepee84® salt nebulizer is essential to add an extra benefit using a specific solution of pink Himalayan salt and water, full of precious essential oils, in order to reach deeper areas in your lungs, in an hypoallergenic, oxygenated and ionized environment.

Esagono’s salt concepts