The steam culture, from ancient times to modern technological innovation.


Turkish bath, Roman bath, Calidarium, Thermal bath or hammam: whatever the name, steam is the main character in all these ancient rituals that have come to us throughout centuries.

Steam culture and its functions cannot be traced back; historians, anthropologists, scientists and researchers of all sorts have been competing for centuries in order to set a precise point in time in human history. What we do know for sure is that the closest tradition to our culture is that of ancient Romans, forerunners and innovators of the thermal bath, by then considered a sort of philosophy rather than a ritual.

Functionality, elegance and ease of use, shrouded by a deep knowledge of traditions, have made Roman thermal baths pillars of the SPA culture and philosophy brought to us in centuries.

Throughout the years, Esagono has conceived and manufactured its “concepts” with an eye on the ancient traditions, but with technologically advanced features and a fancy appeal.

The idea behind the okume’ wood for the production of Thalatepee Suite®, Sauna Bagno Turco®, Thalaxoterm® and Thermalie® is what we call a return to our origins: the solidity and magic of wood immediately bring us back to ancient traditions, to a land of warm emotions and prestige, a land full of elegance and class, natural and bliss.

Yet not only are steam baths a relaxing moment of individual entertainment, but also a functional tool with huge benefits on our body:

  • Full oxygenation
  • Deep cutaneous bio-stimulation
  • Passive aerobic exercise
  • Basal metabolism increase
  • Stimulation of anti-oxidant processes
  • Deep hydration
  • Re-activation of blood circulation
  • Physiological pH balance stimulation
  • Detox processes
  • Anti-stress

Esagono’s steam concepts